Canoeing the Wild 90's

1990 BWCA

Believe it or not, I have no photos of the 1990 trip. The members present were, Ric McClung & Sneed Adams. Ernie Sotirake & Emil Vild. Jim Munn & Marty Allen. We did Seagull, Alpine, Jasper, Ogishkemuncie, Gabimichigami, Little Saganaga, Elton, Frazer, Kekekabic, Jean and back through Ogish and Seagull. We did a video (I am not sure how I did that what with me in Saudi and there was a little war going on.) but there were no stills. Sorry about that. It was a great trip. Marty caught that big Splake in Little Saganaga.

It was Munn's last trip. I believe Jim Munn gave us many first.
He incited the chipmunk space program while at the camp site
on Narrow Bag Lake and he coined the phase RLS.

1991 BWCA & Quetico

Emil GarlicKing Vild, Ernie ChainSaw Sotirake, Ric SgtMjr McClung,
Aaron L'Bard Bulloff,
Rob Jaws Rushofsky & Sneed L'Editeur Adams

Put in was at Seagull Lake at the end of The Gun Flint Trail out of Grand Marais, Minnesota. We trekked through Alpine, Jasper, Ogishkemuncie, Annie, Jean, Eddy, Kekekabic, Pickle, Spoon, Bonnie, Knife, Carp, That Man, This Man, Other Man, Bell, Fran, Slate, Saganagons, Silver Falls, Cache Bay, American Point, Saganaga, and came out at Gull Lake.

The Societe Flag was born on this trip. Thanks to Rob.

One of the hardest things we ever do is get it out of the cars and into the canoes. We have never been able to keep a record from one year to the next on the proper methods. We reinvent fire and the wheel every year. Some people even forget the canoe part but we will let that pass. This is of course the annual two hour drill of putting it in at Seagull Lake.

Inspecting the new canoe. STA's brand new $2,300 Mad River Kevlar. 53 pounds of paddling pleasure.

This was the first night's camp site on Jasper Lake.

Kekekabic Lake looking east from the far west camp site.
Our favorite campsite on Kek at the far west end. Good lake trout fishing here also.

Camp Kek tarp and cook area. It rained like hell here one night. One tent owner was rudely awaken at first light to discovered he needed a water proof tent. This was the Greenie from LL Squash's last trip!

Not sure which lake this is. It might be Kek looking south from west end of camp site.

Jaws volunteering as shark bait. It did not work. Canadian freshwater sharks are not stupid. They saw he was armed with a paddle. L'Editeur leads The SgtMjr across a dangerous stretch of portage trail. Note the large rocks and slick mud.

From our camp on This Man Lake. Looking South South West.

First class accommodations at camp on This Man Lake. We stayed here two days and had good luck with the lake trout fishing and giant snapping turtle watching. This was a great camp.

This Man Lake with the sun shining. This was a little traveled part of Quetico. It was a great lake.

Rob and one of his many pet lakers. This place was weird. It was green lures and 5:30pm. Watching Jaws fondle his fish was even more weird.

After a clandestine trek through Canadian territory we came out at Silver Falls. Now all we had to do was paddle quietly across Cache Bay and sneak past the Ranger cabin and back across the border. In case you did not guess we made it and the stature of limitations has run out.

The calm waters before Silver falls.

Jaws looks for that short cut around Silver Falls. It also looks like a horse just ran out from under him. However, upon second reflection, oatmeal has been know to cause this temporary condition.

1992 Quetico

L'Editeur & The SgtMjr repose at their wilderness outpost.

1992 was a two man trip. Only L'Editeur and The SgtMjr partook. We put in at French Lake and paddled through Pickerel, Brisk, Beg, Bud, Fern, Olifaunt, Sturgeon, Rouge, Burntside, Jean, Oriana, Hamburg, Maria, Pickerel and back to French.

Cozy camp looking into the sun set. Somewhere on the west end of Pickerel Lake.

Someone's water fall. It may be the bit between Olifaunt and Sturgeon.

Faster man!

1993 BWCA & Quetico

1993 was a good year. We had three new canoeist of which two became members of the Societe. L'Editeur once again did his Jet Lag Act and flew directly from Saudi and did the rental canoe thing.

The trek started at Gull Lake and the outfitter took us by motor boat to Canadian Customs and then dropped us off on a deserted island in the middle of Saganaga Lake. We then paddled to the Canadian Ranger cabin allocated on an island in Cache Bay where we lied like stink about who was fishing. We traversed Silver falls for the second time in two years and headed out across Saganagon Lake. We continued through Lakes Wet, McEwen, Glacier, Turn, Edge, Rod, Fauquier, Louisa, Louisa Falls, Agnes, Agnes River West Branch, Murdock, Kawnipi, Saganagons, Silver Falls, Cache Bay, American Point, and take out at Gull Lake.

Steve . Dave . Ric . Emil . ST . Aaron . Ern . Dean

McClung tries cooking once again on a cozy camp site at the west end of Cache Bay.

Dave Burrus. First trip. Future Solo.

Stroking easy across a smooth lake.

Aaron, Dean, Sneed, Dave, Ern, Steve, Emil & Ric
1994 BWCA

Guess what. I do not have a group picture. I do know there were 5 of us and we came in through Grand Marais and used Hungry Jack to furnish a single man canoe. Somehow we only had 5. I do not recall how or why. The crew was Ric and Jaws. Sneed and Ernie. And Dave who became Solo. The trek started at Seagull Lake. I believe we did the motor towing gig again and made short work of long Seagull Lake. We trekked to Kekekabic and then turned back to Ogish and to on to Gabimichigami and to Peter. We had good weather and good fishing at Kek and Peter.

Did you ever wonder how Solo got his name.

ST and Ern look for the next portage.

These are two of Jaw's panorama shots. The lower one is Seagull Lake looking south from the campsite. The upper one is looking into the bay behind the the same campsite.

A compact camp on Ogishkemuncie Lake. Jaws has yet to rent out that tent.
1995 BWCA

A black and white trip? What is this? Adams trying to be arty?

ST . Aaron . Dean . Ric . Ern
Dave . Geoff . Dan

As can be seen, there were 8 and two new members. Geoff and Dan. We started in Grand Marais and went up the Gunflint Trail to Round Lake. I am not quite sure of the exact route but it went something like this. We wound through several small lakes and into Gills lake. From there to French Lake and on into Peter Lake. We stayed at the same site as shown on map below. Again good fishing on Peter Lake. From Peter we went to Little Saganaga. We stayed at the same camp site we had before in 1990. We saw a air lift rescue from Little Saganaga.

From Peter we went into Little Saganaga and to Mora lake. I believe we stayed on Mora or Crooked but I forget. Then to Tuscarora Lake. We stayed at the camp site just to the right of the last A in Tuscarora. We were there two days and the wind never dropped below 20 mph the whole time. It was blowing in an early winter storm. We got a weather report and decided to get the hell out while we could. It was below freezing in Grand Marais the next morning with snow showers. Someone had a busted ankle if I recall.

Peter Lake Sunrise

I cannot tell you the name of the lake or who took the pix. But it is good.

The 95 version of Survivors. Dan, Sneed, Geoff, Ernie, Dave, Aaron, Ric & Dean.

1996 Bowron Provincial Park

Bowron is on a separate HTM

1997 Quetico

Jim II . Jim I . Colin . Phil
Quetico 1997

Jim Landmann discovers that wood can be made flat on the end if you use a saw.

The sun sets west of High Camp. Gaud what a day!

We had to pay extra for the Quetico access permit to get this. But it is only available to frequent trekkers.

Colin and his BIG trout. Jim II and one of his many small mouth.

This man knew how to relax and to catch fish.

da Cook Quetico 1997 And dis here guy knew how to cook.

After trek dinner in Superior, MN

1998 Spatsizi & Stikine

Spatsizi is on a separate HTM

1998 Adarondacks

Adarondacks is on a separate HTM

1999 BWCA & Quetico

Sorry guys, no pix of the 1999 trip.

2000 BWCA

2000 BWCA is on a separate HTM

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The Societe Canoeist Membership List

Permanent / Vested Members ***

Name/Nom de Paddle & Membership Number

Ric SgtMjr McClung ------ 1

Aaron L'Bard Bulloff ------ 2

Larry WaterWalker Wilson -- 3

Rob Jaws Rushofsky ------ 4

Sneed L'Editeur Adams ----- 5

Ernie ChainSaw Sotirake ----- 6

Bill CaptRuthy Rutherford ---- 7

Dave Solo Burruss ----- 8

Dave Bristol Brave Mitchell ---- 9

Jim Peterson ---- 10

Jim Landmann ------ 11

*** It takes three trips to achieve vested membership.