Canoeing The Great 80's

1981 Algonquin


ST - Ern - Ric    Algonquin 1981

The founding trip and Birth of The Societe as we know it today. The year of The Wop. Missing from pix for obivious reasons. It is too painful to recall. Gatoraid blown all over East Canada. Dead frogs hanging from bow of canoe. Seven days of constant rain. God! How did we survive. The Grand Old Days. Where has our youth gone? We put in at Kiosk Station and made a loop back to Kiosk.

The route took us from Kioshkokwi Lake up Maple Creek to Maple Lake on to Erables Lake to Skuce Lake, to Osler Lake to Nadine Lake to the Nipissing River to Cedar Lake. We then turned back NW and follower the lakes along the railroad line back to Kioshkokwi Lake. I do not know if that was the trek we took or not. I do recall it rained almost the entire time. We did have a tarp but tarp technology had not developed to its full potential.

1982 Lady Evelyn


Sneed - Ric - Larry - Bruce - Rob - Ern

Ole Man Editeur, SgtMjr, Rooster/WaterWalker, Commodore, Jaws, ChainSaw

Does anyone know where Larry's fishing rod is?



After a 15 mile paddle down Lady Evelyn Lake it rained like hell and we made camp on an island where it continued to rain.

But the sun came out the next day as we paddled north up through a string of lakes. We camped at Anvil Lake. This was great camp in a high pine forest. We bathed and played catch the green football among the pines. Life was good.

Beaver things? Bag drag express en route to Niccolite Lake.

This it Guys. We camped on Niccolite Lake. It was smaller than Ern's van. As SgtMjr does din-din ChainSaw snoozes in the Blueberry Bushes. Note the B&W tennis shoes sticking outré of the bushes. Later this evening we saw BIG Northern lights. Next morning it frosted so heavy the ground was white and very cold. Right Ric? I would be remiss if I did not note that this small campsite gave Larry his non de paddle. Water Walker. This was also the place Jaws left a fishing line out all night and the next morning when he got up and tried to reel it in the fish tried to move the island before he broke the line.


Ric and Larry contemplate din-din. It obviously was another sterling day in paradise.

Hummm? Where did the second tarp come from? This is Mendelssohn Lake. Memory serves that this lake was where tarp engineering and present day tarp technology had its founding. Bruce got big points here when he becoming stranded by his lonesome in the canoe in the high wind. The next day we paddled and portaged over some of the biggest beaver dams in the world and traveled 22 miles to the take out point at Mowat Landing.

All present on a bright sunny day in Paradise Lost.

Commodore Bruce, Jaws, SgtMjr, L'Editeur, & Rooster. ChainSaw must have been pix taker.


Who said planning and packing in a garage cannot be fun. SgtMjr, L'Editeur, ChainSaw and CaptRuthy. I have no clue to the name of the lake we went to. The water was spooky super clear. We did catch several trout in the river leading to the lake.


1984 Lady Evelyn


Ric - Ken - Jim - Ern - Larry - ST - Bill - Aaron

SgtMjr, TobaccoRoad, MachOne, ChainSaw, Rooster, L'Editeur, CaptRuthy & L'Bard

We did eat well. Fish Jacques la Trail with hash browns. Larry the king of fish catchers at work again.

Two great cooks. Breakfast anyone?

1985 Algonquin

Again I start the record of this trip and have to apologize that there is not a group picture. I can say this. It was a cross park trip. A grand trip in all matters. The members present were Ric McClung and Rob Rushofsky. Sneed Adams and Ernie Sotirake. Larry Wilson and Jim Munn. The below pictures include all persons except Larry. Can't explain that. But it does seem the 6th person, whoever it was, took all the pictures.

We put in at Tim Lake. Followed the Tim R to Big Trout Lake to Bruntroot Lake. Picked up the Petawawa River and ran that to Catfish lake. And then continued down the Petawawa to Cedar Lake. Tim Lake was the place where the legend of the coffee lady was born and remains today as one of the classic events in Societe Lore.

Camp along the Tim River or the Petawawa River. I am not sure.

Three Old Timers discussing the World's Problems. I believe this was the high camp in the pines on Catfish Island in the middle of Catfish Lake.


L'Editeur assures Jaws - "I promise there are Brookies in this rapid..."
Sluice between Catfish Lake and Narrow Bag Lake 1985


Oops, they went thatta way! But Jim Munn proved me wrong. There was a biggie under that log in front of us.

Jaws lays in another cast. Dinner is out there...... Great camp site in the distant trees on Narrow Bag Lake. That is where Munn launched the Chipmunk Space Program.

Fish Dinner Gents. Shortly after this pix was taken in the camp on Narrow Bag Lake we tried to blow up the world with that stove when the fill cap sprang a spraying leak..

1986 Lady Evelyn

It was the year we did the Great Falls Circle Trek

The year of Filter Man and Chief John. Scuba diving in the creeks and lakes. Canoe motors across 15 miles of big lake. Snow the last night out. The great circle trek over the split falls. Chief John though this was a vacation and we were guides. We saw this again a few years later.

We were a tough bunch at the end.


The Falls Chain Loop Trail

The Chute. The around the falls trek. Impressive to say the least.

Portaging as an art form. It was only 50 feet to the bottom.

CaptRuthy tries in vain to keep his 2hp canoe motor running. Ric and the two slackers in the following canoe had become accustom to the non paddling experience.

A Pair. Of what we know not. Clues welcomed.

1987 Catfish Lake Again

 Algonquin - 1987 - Catfish Lake

Man what a blazing crowd. Sitting around the fire. Trapped on Catfish Lake because of low water.

L-R 1st row - Bill CaptRuthy Rutherford, Ric SgtMjr McClung & Ernie ChainSaw Sotirake

2nd row - Sneed L'Editeur Adams, Rob Jaws Rushofsky & Jim MachOne Munn

Boundary Waters - 1988


Aaron - ST - Ric - Jim           Boundary Waters - 1988

First trip to Thomas Lake and camping up high on the rocks overlooking Thomas Lake. Munn getting sloughed and damn near falling off the island. Little did we know.

The portage between Thomas lake and Alice Lake. A bit wet to say the least. Next trip Adams miss stepped and sank up to his pack.

Munn and Adams stroke their way to Thomas Lake.

We four perched atop the rocks of the large island in Thomas Lake. Later to be named Munn Island.

McClung picks his trail carefully. There are T-Rex hiding in the weeds.

The Indians of several hundred years ago left their hand prints and paintings of animals.


Ric & Aaron shoot the Alice Lake rapids.

Quetico - 1989

Jaws and The Sgt Mjr with Ric's new Mad River Kevlar. No more 76lb aluminum canoes.

Jaws & SgtMjr discover the home of a small beaver. Or one that failed his civil engineering classes.

Beautiful narrow passage.

Jesse Lake camp site

Sturgeon Lake high camp. The best there is.

Campfire pix Sturgeon Lake High Camp.

Doug modeling for pix of the year award. Larry took this pix. I judge this pix to be the best picture taken during the last 20 years of the Societe.

Do not know who took this pix but it is great one.

Success again. The tide guided us to an island camp site.

The SgtMjr and his aid de camp L' Baron von Jawsofsky. The camera has captured the reaction to the revelation that someone left the cooking instructions at home. Does anyone recall how to boil water?

As the day comes to an end the intrepid adventures relax as the sun settles down for a rest.

The decade comes to an end. Nine great trips. 18 weeks in paradise. It went all to fast. Please rewind!

This HTML produced by L'Editeur for and on behalf of all stalwart trekkers.

March 2001

The Societe Canoeist Membership List

Permanent / Vested Members ***

Name/Nom de Paddle & Membership Number

Ric SgtMjr McClung ------ 1

Aaron L'Bard Bulloff ------ 2

Larry WaterWalker Wilson -- 3

Rob Jaws Rushofsky ------ 4

Sneed L'Editeur Adams ----- 5

Ernie ChainSaw Sotirake ----- 6

Bill CaptRuthy Rutherford ---- 7

Dave Solo Burruss ----- 8

Dave Bristol Brave Mitchell ---- 9

Jim Peterson ---- 10

Jim Landmann ------ 11

*** It takes three trips to achieve vested membership.